Auguste Rohde (Wilhelm Rohde) was born 23 May 1856 in Pommeran, Germany.  She died 14 November 1931 in Richland Township, Hemlock, Saginaw County, Michigan and was buried in Richland Lutheran Cemetery, Hemlock, Richland Township, Saginaw County, Michigan. 

Auguste Rohde married Herman Friederich Witt "Fred", son of August Witte and Frederica Allais, on 4 April 1884.  Fred was born 21 May 1861 in Germany.  He died 13 August 1943 in Saginaw County Infirmary, Saginaw, Michigan and was buried in Richland Lutheran Cemetery, Richland Township, Richland Township, Saginaw County, Michigan.



Auguste and her husband, Fred Witt, came to America from Bremen, Germany  on the ship The Main, they entered the Port of Baltimore on April 28, 1888.  The Main's manifest shows that Auguste's brother,  Karl Rohde and his family were also passengers on the ship.   Auguste and Fred moved to Richland Township, Saginaw County, Michigan in the year of 1891. They owned and operated a 40 acre farm in Section 3 on Hemlock Road, Richland Township, Michigan.  Their next door neighbor was Karl and Emily Rohde.  

Auguste and Fred Witte were members of Zion Lutheran Church, Hemlock, Michigan.