The photo is of Karl and Emilie (Stenzel) Rohde

Karl Friedrich Rohde "CarL"  (Wilhelm Rohde) was born 26 December 1863 in Gorkow, Kreis Randow, Pommern, Germany.  He died 30 June 1944 in Richland Township, Hemlock, Michigan and was buried 3 July 1944 in Richland Lutheran Cemetery, Richland Township, Saginaw, Michigan.

Karl married Emilia Fredericke Auguste Stenzel "Emelie", daughter of Johann Carl Frederich Stenzel and Caroline Behm "Karlina" on 15 December 1878.  Emelie was born 6 April 1860 in Boock, Kreis Randow, Pommern, Prussia.  She died 5 October 1914 in the City of Saginaw, Michigan and was buried 8 October 1914 in Richland Lutheran Cemetery, Richland Township, Hemlock, Saginaw County, Michigan.


Karl and Emillie had the following children:

1.   Wilhelmine Alwine Ottilia Rohde was born 23 October 1882 and died 8 January 1942.

2.   Augusta Wilhelmina Louise Rohde was born 20 November 1884 and died 26 May 1967.

3.   Gustav Friedrich Karl Rohde was born 7 July 1887 and died 13 February 1966.

4.   Louise was born 1888 in Germany.

5.   Albert August Wilhelm Rohde was born 24 December 1889 and died 1 April 1951.

6.   Bertha Carolina Rohde was born 20 August 1892 and died 26 August 1956.

7.   Wilhelm Gustave Carl August Rohde was born 25 March 1894 and died 19 October 1982.

8.   Caroline Alwina Emilie Rohde was born 21 December 1896 and died 23 July 1971.

9.   Louise Maria Auguste Rohde was born 17 Auagust 1899 and died 15 June 1970.

10.  Friedrich Wilhelm Karl Rohde was born 19 May 1902 and died 21 July 1934.

11.  Anna Johanna Mathilda Rohde was born 7 August 1904 and died 13 March 2001.



According to "Germans To America - Volume 55 - July 1887-April 1888", Carl Rohde - 24 - M - Farmer came to the United States from Germany with Emilie - 27 - F - W, Wilhelminne - 6 - F - Child, Auguste - 4 - F - Child, Gustav - 2 - M - Child, and Louise - .06 - F - Infant. Carl and Emilie Rohde and their family left on the ship the Main from the Port of Hamburg, Germany and entered the Port of New York, America.  Their destination was listed as Michigan.
Also, another book, "Germans to America 1875-1888", shows a Carl Rohde - age: 24,  Gender: Male, Occupation: Farmer, Country: Germany, Last Resident: New York, Final Destination: Michigan, Port Embarkation: Bremen, Manifest I.D Number: 16183, Ship's Name: Main, Date of Arrival: April 28, 1888.  Also, Emilie Rohde - Age: 27, Gender: Female, Occupation: Wife, Country: Germany, Last Residence: New York, Final Destination: Michigan, Port of Embarkation: Bremen, Manifest I.D. Number: 16183, Ship's Name: Main, Date of Arrival: April 28, 1888.

Carl (Karl) and Emelie were living in Macomb County when Albert was born.  The HISTORY OF MACOMB COUNTY MICHIGAN, gives an account of this Germany to Macomb to Saginaw migration on page 219 as follows:
 "The extensive German immigration of 1845 brought to Michigan a number of Franconians and Bavarians, who felt themselves oppressed at home.  Those under the advice of Pastor Loche resolved to emigrate to the United States, there to follow the profession of the Lutheran creed, and to essay the conversion of the Indians.  Within a few years the first colony of fifteen, succeeding in attracting five times that number to our land, and of the second and third bodies of immigrants a few settled in Macomb County, the greater number locating in Saginaw.
 The immigration of 1849, the result of an attempt made by the people to cast away the tyrant, marked the history of that year.  The Revolutionists sought refuge in the United States, not a few of them finding a home of liberty in this country.  The German immigration of later days brought us Pomeranians and Mecklenburghers, Belgians and Hollanders."  Carl (Karl) Rohde was from Boock and Gorkow in Pommeran, Germany.


This is a photo of Karl and Emelie Rohde's farm  which was located on Hemlock Road in Hemlock, Michigan.  (photo from Marlene Kruth Stavely)


On June 19th, 1893, Charles (Karl) Rohde purchased two 60 acre plots of land in Richland Township from William E. Crane and Ada B. Crane.  The 120 acres was located on Southwest corner in Section 3 of Richland Township on Hemlock Road, in Hemlock, Michigan. The Richland Lutheran Cemetery which is located on Dice Road was given to St. Peter's congregation in the early 1890's.  This plot of land, containing 20 of the 120 acres, was given to them by Carl (Karl) and Emilie Rohde.  In 1896 St. Peter congregation gave their daughter congregation, Zion, the right to bury their deceased members there. 


Karl and Emelie's neighbors were Karl's sister and brother-in-law, Auguste (Rohde) and Fred Witte.  Auguste and Fred owned and operated a 40 acre farm in Section 3 on Hemlock Road, Richland Township, Michigan.


Karl and Emelie had an Aunt Dorothea Wittkopp living with the them according to the 1900 and 1910 Michigan Census.  Dorothea Wittkopp was Emelie's Aunt and she came to America in 1884.  Aunt Dorothea Wittkopp is a baptism sponsor to Karl and Emelie Rohde's daughter, Caroline Alwine Emilie and, also, Auguste (Stenzel) and Fred Diener's son, Karl August Albert Diener.   Auguste Diener and Emelie Rohde were sisters, they came from a family of ten children.


Karl (Carl) Rohde died after suffering with cancer for one year and Emelie died of complications due to cancer surgery.  Emelie was 54 years, 5 months and 27 days old when she died.  Karl (Carl) was 80 years, 6 months and 3 days old when he passed away.  He was survived by  nine children, 41 grandchildren and 32 great-grandchildren.

The Rohde Family photo is of the following people:  kneeling - either Norman and Albert Pretzer or Herman and Ernest Rohde; standing - second row - left to right: Margaret Rohde, Ella Rohde, Marilda Pretzer, and Hilda Henske; standing - left to right: Olga Rohde, Agnes Rohde holding Violet Rohde, Bertha (Rohde) Pretzer, Anna Rohde holding Kenneth Rohde, Auguste (Rohde) Henske, Lizzie (Rohde) Zabel holding Nora Zabel and Howard Zabel.  Photo taken around 1925. Photo given by Auguste's daughter Hilda Henske Clapp.




Three siblings and their spouses:  L to R:

Bill and Esther Pretzer Rohde,  Julius and Caroline Rohde Pretzer, and Fred and Louise Rohde Zabel.

This is map of Northeast Germany - Karl and Emelie Stenzel Rohde lived in the towns of Boock and Gorkow Germany before coming America in April  1888.  The Stenzels were from Gorkow and Wollschow, Germany; Hoeppner's were from Rothenklempenow & Gorkow, Germany; Diener's were from Boock, Germany; Roggows, Kraatzs and Koeppens were from Gorkow, Germany; Pretzer's were from Blumenthal and Pasewalk, Germany.   All of the above families original locations were found in the membership records of  St. Peter's Lutheran Church, Hemlock, Michigan.

SOURCES:  researched by Brad and Jackie Rohde; photo's from William and Esther Pretzer Rohde, Hilda Henske Clapp, Marlene Kruth Stavely.