Asa Jacobs was born 18 April 1758 and married Sarah (Sally)  Emerson on the 11 September 1791.  She was born 7 August 1767 and was the daughter of Simeon and Persis Davenport Emerson.  Asa was married secondly, to Phebe Greenwood in 1836.  Asa died on 27 November 1844.  Asa and Sally are both buried in the Old East Thompson Cemetery, Thompson, Windham County, Connecticut.

Asa and Sarah had the following children:

1.  Asa Jacobs was born 10 October and died 10 May 1792.

2.  Sarah Jacobs was born 10 October 1791 and died 19 May 1793.

3.  Mary Jacobs was born 5 January 1793 and was married Thomas Elliott.  Mary died 20 September 1820.

4.  Sarah Jacobs was born 1 April 1796 and died 26 December 1834.  She was never married.

5.  John R. Jacobs was born 19 October 1798 and married Hannah McLean.  John R. died on 8 November 1847.

6.  Asa Jacobs was born 1 February 1800 and was married firstly, Sarah Morse, secondly, ________Allen and Thirdly Lucy Cooper.  Asa died 10 September 1875.

7.  Hiram Jacobs was born 12 March 1801 and married Emma Sabine.  Hiram died 1 April 1874.

8.  Betsy Jacobs was born 13 October 1804 and died 1 November 1820.  She was never married.

9.  Joseph D. Jacobs was born 29 March 1806.  Joseph was a farmer in Thompson, Windham County, Connecticut and was for many years a Captain in Connecticute State Militia; he was active in church and town affairs, and was a Member of the Connecituct Legislature, repsenting Windham County in 1872.

10.  William Jacobs was born 9 January 1808 and was married firstly, in 1836 to Harriet P. Penhallow and married secondl in 1849 to Adeline H. Crocker.  William died on 22 August 1895.

11.  Nelson Jacobs was born 1 August 1809 and died 22 June 1814.

Asa Jacobs was a Farmer in Thompson, Windham Connecticut.  He was active all through the Revolutionary War and served through five enlistments.

Sources:  Family History: Colonial Genealogies #1m 1607-1920; Colonial Families, Volume VI Jacobs Family, Page 300.