THE PHOTO IS OF MARY ANN RIGG HOFFMAN TAKEN AT A RIGG REUNION IN OHIO. Photo given by Betty Evan's of Mason, Michigan - relative of Herbert Rigg who was the grandson of Robert Rigg.





Mary Ann Rigg was born August 1/8?, 1829/1832 in Bucyrus, Crawford County, Ohio.  Mary Ann Rigg married Jacob "Jake" Hoffman in 1853/54.  Jacob was born on March 9,  1829/33.


Mary Ann and Jacob had the following children:

1.  Louisa Hoffman was born February 17, 1855 and died in 1947.

2.  John Henry Hoffman was born March 9, 1857 and died March 7, 1927.

3.  Mary Anne Hoffman was born August 1, 1861 and died December 1896.

4.  Emma S. Hoffman was born in August 1866 and died July 17, 1904.

5.  Caroline  Hoffman was born on February 5, 1869 and died December 5, 1966.

6.  Brake Hoffman was born in July 1871 and died sometime prior to 1880.

7.  Phillip Hoffman was born in May 1873 and died sometime prior to 1880.

8.  Mahlon Hoffman was born in August 19, 1876 and died April 2, 1968.

SOURCES:  Information from the website of Steven M. Briggs -;  picture from Betty Evans of Mason, Michigan.