Joseph Palmer Rigg was born 1840 in Ohio and died 12 February 1894 and is buried in the Kieferville Cemetery, Palmer Township,  Putnam County, Ohio.  


Joseph married Mary Ann Rigg on March 4, 1864.  Mary Ann was the daughter of Thornton F. and Sophia Beard Rigg.  Mary Ann died 12 August 1912 in Continental, Putnam County, Ohio and is buried in the Kieferville Cemetery, Palmer Township, Putnam County, Ohio.



Joseph and Mary Ann had the following children:


1.  John Thornton Rigg was born 20 December 1868 in North Creek, Putnam County, Ohio.  He died in 1952.

2.  Laura M. Rigg was born November 1869

3.  Joseph Dexter Rigg was born 1877.  He died 28 november 1899.

4.  Alvin Jasper Rigg was born August 1884 in Ohio.


On 12 February 1894, while walking down railroad tracks during a blizzard, Joseph was killed by a train.  Joseph's tombsone inscription reads, "Rev. Joseph P. Rigg, 53 years 3 months 27 days". 


Joseph P. Rigg was a minister of the UB Church in North Creek, Putnam County, Ohio.  

"Obituary in Putnam County, Ohio Sentinel February 22, 1894"  -  North Creek - The many friends of Joseph P. Rigg will be pained to learn of his death which occured on last Monday.  The circumstances connected with his death are as follows:  On Saturday, February 10th. Mr. Rigg went to Hartsburg in this county to attend quarterly conference of the U.B. Church telling his family he would be home Sunday or Monday.  Monday being a stormy day his family did not become alarmed but as he did not come home on Tuesday a search was commenced.  He was found on Thursday about one half mile north of Wisterman, in a snow drift,  after having laid there three days and three nights.  It is supposed that he was killed by the St. Louis express, due here at half past seven in the morning, but was two hours late that morning.  His funeral was conducted by Rev. Buckingham of Kieferville, on last Sunday, and was one of the largest ever seen in this part of the country.

1.  John Thornton Rigg was married to Julia E. Haynes.  Julia was born June 1873.


John was a railroader and a member of the abandoned Ev. United Brethren Church in North Creek.  Prior to his death in 1952, John had lived at the Anderson Nursing Home, Napoleon, Henry County, Ohio for three years and had been ill for about two of those years.  John died at Heller Memorial Hospital in Napoleon.  Julia died prior to her husband.  John is buried in Kieferville Cemetery, Palmer Township, Putnam Cuinty, Ohio.


John and Julia had the following children:


1.  Cora Ethel Rigg "Ethel" was born in April 1894 in Ohio.

2.  Ethan A. Rigg was born in August 1895 in Ohio.

3.  Son Rigg died in infancy June 10, 1902 and is buried in Kieferville Cemetery, Palmer Township, Putnam County, Ohio.

4.  Son Died in infancy 10 December 1905 and is buried in Kieferville Cemetery, Palmer Township, Putnam County, 

2.  Laura M. married Lewis Jenkins on 15 December 1890? Witnesses to the wedding were Ezekiel Jenkins and Rev. G.O. Rigg. 


Lewis was born in November 1864 in Pennsylvania. In 1914 the family moved from Ohio to Tekonsha, Calhoun County, Michigan. Laura and Lewis lived the remainder of their lives in Tekonsha. Laura was a housewife and Lewis was a grocery store owner.


Laura and Lewis had the following children:

a.  Vern Jenkins was born 2 August 1891 in Ohio.

b.  Ernest E. Jenkins was born 13 May 1893 and married Eleanor Foster.

c.  Effie Jenkins was born 22 December 1895 in Ohio.  Effie married Leland McCandless.

d.  Ralph E. Jenkins was born 9 March 1898 in Ohio.

e.  Joseph Ezekiel Jenkins was born 11 November 1900 in Continental, Putnam County, Ohio.  On 26 June 1926 Joe married Marguerite Neva Cameron.  Marguerite was born 16 October 1907, thte daughter of Neil and Flora Cameron.  Joe moved to Tekonsha, Calhoun County, Michigan in 1914 and was employed with Randall Milling Company in Tekonsha from 1923 to 1938.  Joe owned and operated Jenkins' Standard Oil Station in Tekonsha from 1938 until retiring in 1969.  Joe was a former Chief of the Tekonsha Fire Department on which he served as a volunteer for many years.  Marguerite taught in a oneroom school house and also worked as a retire clerk.  Joe died 29 September 1980 and Marguerite died 5 May 1993.  Joe is buried in Riverside Cemetery in Tekonsha, Michigan.

f.  Mary J. Jenkins was born around 1903 in Ohio and died at the age of 17.

g.  Bertha Jenkins was born 8 June? 1905? in Ohio.  Bertha married Lee Shipman Sr. and they lived many years in Ludington, Mason County, Michigan.

h.  Lewis Virgil Jenkins "Pete" was born 23 October 1907 in Ohio.  Pete married Irene Hall Blackwell.  Pete worked at his brother Joe's Standard Oil Station in Tekonsha, Calhoun County, Michigan.  He purchased the station when his brother Joe retired in 1969.

Information from Gene and Dixie Rigg, Stephen M. Brigg's website - and the Book "Who's Where in the John Rigg Family" written by Stephen M. Briggs.