Joseph Daniel M. Buchholz (Martin Johann Wilhelm Buchholz, Martin Jochim Heinrich Buchholtz, Franz Christian Buchholtz) was born 1 April 1871 in Darke County, Ohio.  He died 24 June 1933 in Maple Grove Township, Saginaw County, Michigan and was buried 27 June 1933 in Ford Cemetery, Elsie, Gratiot County, Michigan.

Joseph married Esther Ann Grise on 27 August 1893 in Darke County, Ohio by Isaac Frantz, Minister of the Gospel.  Esther was born 29 June 1878 in Darke County, Ohio.  She died 22 March 1969 in Corunna, Shiawassee County, Michigan and was buried 25 March 1969 in Ford Cemetery, Elsie, Gratiot County, Michigan.


Joseph and Esther had the following children:

1.  Lova Delilah Buchholz was born 14 September 1895 and died 23 February 1957.

2.  Herman Ranzo Buchholz was born 28 June 1897 and died 20 May 1976.

3.  Grover C. Buchholz was born 28 December 1903.

4.  Loring Alva Buchholz was born 14 December 1906 and died 15 April 1990.

5.  Helen Irene Buchholz was born 28 August 1912 and died 17 October 2010.

6.  Toila Fayen Buchholz was born 10 July 1913 and died 6 June 1915.


The photo is of Joseph Buchholz (right) with his brother-in-law, Grover Grise.


JOSEPH DANIEL M. BUCHHOLZ written by Great-Grandson, Elden Buchholz


Joseph Buchholz was born, April 1, 1871, near Dayton, Ohio and was the youngest of John Buchholz's six children.  He attended school until the third grade, then quit to work on the farm and husked corn for a dollar day.

As a teenager, Joseph came down with the mumps and his father (John) not realizing how serious they could be, sent him out to help load a wagon with bags of wheat and in the process bursting an eardrum, making him permanently deaf in that ear.

Joseph met Esther Grise at a house dance.  On August 27, 1893 they road to Dayton by horse and buggy and were married.  Esther Grise was from a very large family, her father had been married twice and had twelve children each time, she was from the second family.

Before moving to Michigan, Joseph thought seriously about hiring on at the railroad, but Esther, being the strong willed person she was, refused to move into town.

In approximately 1907, Joseph and his older brother Charlie left Ohio in search of cheaper land.  They headed north to Michigan, traveling by horse and wagon.  After purchasing the land, they returned to Ohio.  The following year, Joseph and Esther packed up their four children, Lova (age 13), Herman (age 11), Grover (age 4) and Loring (age 2), personal belongings and the farm animals, and put them on a train headed for Michigan.

Joseph and Esther owned eighty acres of land, the first forty acres that Joseph purchased was for $500.00 and included a log cabin.  It was located on the north side of Gary Road.  The second forty acres, on the south side of Gary Road was purchased later by Esther, for nine dollars an acre ($360.00) in 1912.

About every two weeks Joseph and ESther would get into their horse drawn buggy and head to Fenmore for supplies (chewing tobacco was always first on Joseph's list).

On August 28, 1912, Joseph and Esther added another little girl to the family and named her Helen Irene.  On July 10, 1914, Joseph and Esther added their last child to the family, another little girl they named Toila Fayen.  Unfortunately, at ten months of age she was stricken with pneumonia, this proved to be to much for the frail little girl and she died on June 6, 1915.

In 1924, Joseph and his family moved from the log cabin to a new house they had built by a man named Leo Miller.

Joseph loved children, and loved to visit, he always wanted to be the first to tell of any news, he was great for telling stories and being kind to animals.  He had two dogs, named Amos and Joey.  He loved to take long walks in the woods with his brother Charlie, sometimes they would sit under an old hickory nut tree and Charlie would crack the nuts with his teeth.

The Joseph Buchholz Family photo is left to right: Grover Buchholz sitting on the horse, Loring and Helen Buchholz sitting in the buggy, Esther Buchholz and Joseph Buchholz.

The Joseph Buchholz Family photo is sitting - left to right: Loring Buchholz, Joe Buchholz, Esther holding Helen Buchholz, Ivan Buell (Lova's husband); standing - left to right: Grover Buchholz, Herman Buchholz and Lova Buchholz Buell.  Photo taken around 1914.

The Joseph Buchholz Family photo is left to right:  Loring, Herman, Grover, Helen, Esther, Joseph and Lova Buchholz.   Photo taken in the 1920's.

The Joseph Buchholz Family photo is sitting - left to right: Herman, Esther, Joseph, and Grover Buchholz; standing - left to right: Lova, Loring and Helen Buchholz.  Photo taken in the early 1930's

SOURCES:  Helen Buchholz Smith and Ruby Smith Kienitz and Elden Buchholz.