Heinrich Carl Theodore Johann Buchholz "Henry" (Martin Johann Wilhelm Buchholz, Martin Jochim Heinrich Buchholtz, Franz Christian Buchholtz)  was born 17 October 1864 in Germany. This is the baptismal record of  Heinrich Carl Theodor Johann Bookhold and he was baptized on 30 October 1864 in the Lutheran Parish of Sippenkanzlei in the Evangelische Kirche of Alt Karin, Mecklenburg, Germany. Henry's sponsors for his baptism were Heinrich Unruh, Carl Unruh, Dorothy Unruh and Anna Ohde.

The photo is of - sitting: Henry and his wife, Mary Buchholz; standing: Minnie Buchholz Niesley and her husband John Niesley

Henry married Mary Elizabeth Harlacher, daughter of Jacob and Catharine Barnhart Harlacher, on 20 September 1888 in Miami County, Ohio.  Mary was born 28 July 1870 in Ohio.  


Henry and Mary had the following children:

1.   Dora Elizabeth Buchholz was born 20 June 1890 and died 22 August 1938.

2.   Harry William Buchholz was born 11 January 1892 and died 15 July 1957.

3.   Forest Daniel O. Buchholz was born 13 April 1895 and died 20 December 1954.

4.   Estella Martha B. Buchholz  was born 11 February 1898 and died 16 February 1959.

5.   Sarah Catherine Buchholz was born 30 March 1900 and died 24 October 1910.

6.   Pearl Mae Buchholz was born 14 November 1902 and died 28 October 1974.

7.   Minnie Esther Buchholz was born 30 October 1905 and died 3 June 1981.

8.   Emma Ruth Buchholz was born 12 April 1908 and died 17 October 1910.

9.   Edna Hazel Buchholz was born 22 November 1910 and died 10 December 1989.

10.  Glen Ivan Buchholz was born 15 February 1913 and died 27 July 1927.


Henry and Mary raised their family on a farm about 1 1/2 miles east of Bradford, Ohio.  The Darke/Miami county lines splits the town. Henry farmed and worked for the Pennsylvania Railroad out of Bradford, Ohio.  Henry's farm was on Klinger Road, at first it was a log house and barn, back in the lane.  Diptheria was going around, Sarah and Ruth came down with it and both died.  The older children were made to stay out-of-doors and to sleep in the barn.  It was cold with snow on the ground, the older children begged to come inside.  They were let inside and they also came down with diptheria, however, it was a milder case and they were older and stronger and they soon recovered. 

Eventually, Henry and Mary bought more ground and built closer to Klinger Road.  They built a frame house, two stories with a full basement.  The house stood at the top of the hill with the barn, the tool shed, and chicken house were at the bottom of the hill near the creek that ran through the property.

The photo is of Henry Buchholz's Family: front row-left to right - daughter-in-law Merle, wife of Forest; son, Forest Buchholz and youngest son, Glen Buchholz; back row-left to right: Henry and Mary Buchholz; daughters Stella and Hazel (Edna) Buchholz

He Henry died 16 June 1943 in Van Buren Township, Darke County, Ohio and was buried 19 June 1943 Harris Creek Cemetery, Bradford, Miami County, Ohio. 

Mary  died 31 January 1942 in Newberry Township, Miami County, Ohio and was buried in Harris Creek, Bradford, Miami County, Ohio.




The photo is of Henry and Mary Buchholz. 



The photo is of Henry Buchholz and his brother, Charlie Bucholz families:  Henry lived in Ohio and Charlie lived in Michigan.  The photo was taken when Charlie Bucholz and his family were visiting Henry Buchholz and his family in Ohio.   The following are kneeling - left to right:  Dorothy Bucholz, Little Evie Bucholz and Rosie Bucholz; standing - left to right: Mary Buchholz, Henry Buchholz, Roy Bucholz, Charlie Bucholz, Harry Buchholz and Nettie Bucholz.   Photo taken around 1936/1937 in Ohio.




The 1926  photo is of Henry and Mary Buchholz's children and in-laws:  left to right - Floyd Palsgrove, Marie Buchholz, Mae Buchholz Brown, Harry Buchholz and Minnie Buchholz Palsgrove.




The 1932 photo is of Henry and Mary Buchholz's grandchildren:  Front row - left to right: Floyd Palsgrove Jr., Donna Brown, and Waneta Jean Palsgrove; back row - left to right:  June Palsgrove, Betty Palsgrove and Jimmy Short.























The photo is of Henry and Mary Buchholz's grandchildren:  front row - left to right:  Jean Palsgrove, Floyd Palsgrove Jr., Eloise Wagner and Donna Brown; back row - left to right:  Betty Palsgrove, June Alice Palsgrove and Clarence (Jimmy) Short.

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