The photo is of John and Anna Phralor Buchholtz

Johann Christian Joachim Buchholtz "John"(Martin Johann Wilhelm Buchholz, Martin Jochim Heinrich Buchholtz, Franz Christian Buchholtz)  was born 20 May 1855 in Buckow, Mecklenburg, Germany.  He died 13 June 1940 in Covington, Newberry Township, Miami County, Ohio and was buried 15 June 1940 in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Pleasant Hill, Miami County, Ohio. 


John married Elizabeth Anna Louise Phralor "Anna", daughter of Joseph and Sophia Holtz Phralor.  Anna was born 26 May 1853 in Germany.  She died 1 March 1933 in Covington, Miami County, Ohio and was buried 4 March 1933 in Pleasant Hill Cemetery, Pleasant Hill, Miami County, Ohio.






They had the following children:

1.   Christian Joseph Buchholtz was born 30 April 1876 and died 30 January 1902.

2.   William Buchholtz was born Janary 1878 and died 19 September 1896.

3.   Ida Catherine Buchholtz was born 25 March 1879 and died 15 October 1960.

4.   Anna Sophia Buchholtz was born June 1881.

5.   Lizzie Buchholtz was born 4 January 1883.

6.   Mina Buchholtz was born 12 June 1885 and died 21 November 1922.

7.   Lewis John Buchholtz was born 27 June 1887 and died 16 March 1963.

8.   Lillie May Buchholtz was born 11 January 1889 and died 8 February 1925.

9.   Bertha Lavina Buchholtz was born 8 January 1891 and died 2 November 1986.

10.  Elsie Mable Buchholtz was born 29 March 1893 and died 19 June 1982.

11.  Marie Lena Buchholtz was born 22 January 1895 and died 16 November 1987.

12.  Ella Viola Buchholtz was born 12 October 1897 and died 10 January 1975.

13.  Mildred Rachel Buchholtz was born 3 August 1900 and died 10 June 1995.





The photo is of John and Anna (Prahlor) Buchholtz with family members at their home in the town of Covington, Ohio.  sitting: Father and Mother -  John and Anna Buchholtz - left to right - back row - granddaughter, Pearl Apple (Ida's daughter); grandson, Emerson Feeser (Mina's son); daughter, Ella Buchholtz; daughter, Mildred Buchholtz; granddaughter, Viola Feeser (Mina's daughter).





The photo is from left to right:  Anna Phralor Buchholtz; daughter,  Ella Buchholtz, John Buchholtz; daughter, Marie Buchholtz and grandson, Leo Hentrich.

John C. Buchholtz was a member of the St. John's Lutheran Church in Covington, Ohio.  A communicant record from the old St. John's church record book shows that John Buchholz Jr. and Fraline J. Buchholz were participants on December 14, 1884 for communion.

The St. John's Lutheran Church Records indicate the following named children of John and Anna Buchholtz were born and baptized:  Mina born June 12, 1885, baptized November 15, 1885 -  Johann Ludwig born July 23, 1887, baptized Febuary 19, 1888 -  Lillie May born January 11, 1889, baptized September 14, 1891.

The St. John's Lutheran Church Records tell that the following children of John and Anna Buchholtz were married: Ida C. Buchholtz to Joseph V. Apple on Dec. 2, 1897 by L.F Mittler -   Anna Buchholtz to H.S Hentrich on January 15, 1899 by J.F Mittler -  Elsie Buchholtz to Aaron L. Miller on July 11, 1909 by W.H Connor -  Bertha Buchholtz to Charles Beeman  -  Marie Buchholtz to Clifford Miller on June 19, 1915 by H.A Brandt.

CLIFFORD JUNIOR MILLER (John's grandson) - remembers his grandfather as being a very honest, soft spoken man.  He remembers his grandfather when they lived in Covington, Ohio where they raised chickens in the backyard and had a wonderful garden.  His grandfather would go back out to the family farm at Circle Hill, Ohio and bring back tobacco, he dried it and smoked it in his pipe.  His favorite tobacco brand to smoke in his pipe was called Shed and Navy.  His grandfather would take a nap on what the family called a Hohnsquecke (fainting couch) on the front porch of his home.

PATRICIA (HENTRICH) KUHNLE (John's great granddaughter) - remembers her great-grandfather, John, taking care of her when she was a little girl while everyone else was out working.   He would send her and a neighbor boy to the neighborhood grocery store in Covington, Ohio to get him some tobacco.  He would give Patricia an extra nickle she could spend on candy, which she says at that time a nickle bought an enormous amount of candy!    




John Buchholtz/Bucholtz with granddaughter, June Bucholtz.




John Buchholtz/Bucholtz and a grandchild - probably Betty Beeman.

John Christian Buchholtz's Obituary

John Christian Bucholtz was born May 20, 1855 in Germany and died June 13, 1940 at the home of his daughter Mrs. Charles Cornor of Covington, Ohio.  He was the son of John William Bucholtz and Mary Oda Bucholtz and came with them to America while still a young man.  While in Germany he was confirmed in the Evangelical Lutheran Church.  Soon after his arrival in America he was affiliated with the Lutheran Church here and held to this faith until his death.  On November 12, 1875, he was married to Ann Prahler at Dayton, Ohio.  To this union thirteen children were born.  Those surviving are Mrs. Perry Gray, Lewis Bucholtz, Mrs. Charles Beeman, Mrs. Clifford Miller, Mrs. Aaron Miller, Mrs. Lewis O'Roark, and Mrs. Charles Cornor.  His wife died March 1, 1933.  Besides his children now living two brothers Henry and Charles and two sisters, Mrs. Mary Trost and Mrs. Minnie Niesley, thirty-three grandchildren remain to mourn his departure and to cherish his memory.

Anna Phralor Buchholtz's Obituary

Anna Louise Bucholtz was born in Germany on May 26, 1853; died at her home in Covington in the late evening hours of March 1, 1933.  She had lived almost four score years her exact age being 79 years, 9 months, and 5 days.  She was united in marriage with John J. Bucholtz on November 12, 1875.  The husband remains to mourn the departure of his aged companion.  To the marriage thirteen children were born 3 sons and 10 daughters.  Six children have preceded her death.  The seven living are: Mrs. Ida Apple of Dayton, Mr. Louis Bucholtz of Troy, Mrs. Bertha Beeman of Covington, Mrs. Elsie Miller of Bradford, Mrs. Marie Miller of Covington, Mrs. Ella O'Roark of Covington, and Mrs. Mildred Cornor of Pleasant Hill.  Besides caring for her own children, grandmother Bucholtz kept two of her grandchildren in her Home, June Bucholtz and Leo Hentrich.   There are 34 living grandchildren and 16 great grandchildren, eight nephews and nieces living.  Many more distant relatives and a great host of acquaintances and friends mourn the death of an aged woman.  The deceased was baptized in her early girlhood days because she was a member of the Lutheran Church while yet in Germany.  Soon after marrying and settling in the vicinity she became a member of St. John's Lutheran Congregation in Covington, Ohio.  This membership she retained at the time of her death.  Mrs. Bucholtz came to this country when around twenty years old.  She first came to Dayton, Ohio where she was married.  Soon after this she and her husband settled on a farm at Circle Hill, Ohio.  After retiring  from the farm they moved to Covington, Ohio where she has lived for many years.  Her death was due to the infirmities of old age and a weakened heart.  Grandmother Bucholtz was an industrious, kind, and home loving Christian woman.  She was a thoughtful neighbor.  She ever showed a deep interest and concern about her children and grandchildren.  She will be sadly missed in the home.


"Faithful and upright in all her ways,
A beautiful character, pure and kind,
What a wonderful memory she leaves behind.
Today recalls sad memories of our loved one gone to rest,
And those who think of her today are the ones who loved the best.
Sleep on dear Mother, and take thy rest,
God called you home when He thought best."

The photo is of some of the Buchholtz children that were going to School at Circle Hill, Ohio in 1901.


4th row - fourth boy from left  -      Lewis Buchholtz/Bucholtz

3rd row - third girl from left     -      maybe Mina Buchholtz

2nd row - second girl from left -      Marie Buchholtz

2nd row - fourth girl from left   -      Lillie Buchholtz

2nd row - fifth girl from left      -      Elsie Buchholtz

2nd row - eighth girl from left   -      Bertha Buchholz

The photo is of the Buchholtz Family enjoying themselves at a park.  They are from left to right: 1st row - little boy?, Ella Buchholtz; 2nd row - Marie Buchholtz, Bertha Buchholz, ? woman, Maybe Ida Buchholtz and ? woman; 3rd row - probably Elsie Buchholz and little girl?.  Standing Clifford Miller, man ? and little boy.

The photo is of John and Anna Buchholtz/Bucholtz's grandchildren:

1st row sitting - left to right:  Ila Beeman, Ruby Beeman, Thelma  Miller, and Earl Beeman

2nd row sitting - left to right:  Viola Feeser,  Opal Apple, Pearl Apple Davis and ?

3rd row standing - left to right: Emerson Feeser, ? , ?, and Christopher Davis (Pearl Apple's husband)

This is a photo of the Buchholtz/Bucholtz sisters:  sitting - left to right:  Bertha Beeman, Ida Apple/Gray,   ? man, ? woman? and Mildred Cornor/Morrin;  standing - left to right: Elsie Miller, Marie Miller,  and  Ella O'Roark.

The photo is of the Buchholtz/Bucholtz sisters: left to right - Ida Apple/Gray, Bertha Beeman, Mildred Cornor/Morrin, Elsie Miller, and Ella O'Roark.

The photo is of the Buchholtz/Bucholtz Sisters - sitting, left to right - Mildred Cornor/Morrin and Ella O'Roark; standing, left to right - Marie Miller, Elsie Miller and Bertha Beeman

SOURCES:  Yvonne Bucholtz Jay; Donald Bucholtz; Betty Beeman Thompson; Don and Betty Smith; St. John's Lutheran Church Records;newspaper articles from Aunt Marie Buchholtz Miller's scrapbook.