Olive Jedidah Plank was born on 30 June 1813  in Paris Hill, Oneida County, New York.  She married Samuel M. Robinson who born in New York.  Samuel M. Robinson waas born on 5 September 1811 New York and died on 12 February 1884.


They had the following children:


1.  Rosetta Robinson was born 26 December 1835 in Harrison Valley, Pottery County, Pennsylvania

2.  Burr Robison was born 20 January 1839 and died 24 May 1919 in Harrison Valley, Potter County, Pennsylvania.

3.  Josephine Robinson

4.  Waldo Robinson was born on 29 August 1846 and died 3 August 1915 Harrison Township, Potter County, Pennsylvania

5.  Lovell Robinson



Samuel M. Robinson came to Harrison Township in 1825, and in 1833 settled on a farm in the northern part of the township, which he cleared and improved, then owned by his son, Burr Robinson.  Samuel was a resident of the township until his death, which occured when he was aged seventy-two years, five months and seven days.