Zebediah Plank (Revolutionary War Soldier)  was born on 23 October 1758 in Killingly, Windham County, Connecticut.  He was christend on 17 April 1768 in the First Congregational Church, Thompson, Windham County, Connecticut.  Zebediah married Olive J. Holmes, daughter of Nathanial and Mary Jordan Holmes, on 7 December 1780 in Brooklyn Congregational Church, Brooklyn, Windham County, Connecticut by Rev. Josiah Whitney.   Olive died on 22 July 1797 in Paris, Oneida County, New York.


Zebediah and Olive had the following children:

1.  Matilda Plank was born in 1780 and died in 1830.

2.  Lovel/Lovell Plank was born on 24 April 1785.  He died on 1 October.

3.  Waldo Plank (War of 1812 Soldier) was born in 1795.  He died on 20 August 1865 in Denmark, Lewis County, New York.  He was buried in Hillside Cemetery, Denmark, Lewis County, New York.

After Olive died Zebediah married a woman by the name of Margaret


I have researched the following information about Zebediah Plank:


***The following information was found in The Northern Pennsylvania History Book, Page 1279 (III)
"Zebediah, son of William Plank, was born in Connecticut.  He lived in Pomfret, Connecticut.   He enlisted in Colonel Latimer's Regiment, Captain Isaac Stone's Company, August 3, 1777, receiving pay for service until November 8, of that year.  The regiment served in the Northern Department, fought at Saratoga and witnessed the surrender of Burgoyne, receiving special commendatory thanks from General Gates for their bravery.  He married, December 7, 1780, Olive J. Holmes, baptized April 17, 1768.  Children: Matilda, Waldo, Elijah, Elisha, Elizabeth" - (incorrect information.  per Jackie Rohde's research, Elijah, Elisha, and Elizabeth were Zebediah's siblings.)


***The following information was found in the original published as Documents Relating to the Colonial History of the State of New York, Volume XV, Albany, New York, 1887 - Reprinted for Clearfield Company, Inc. by Genealogical Publishing Co., Inc. Baltimore, Maryland, 1999 - pages 100, 102, 107, 109, 125: Zeb Plank and or Zebh. Plank was a Revolutionary Soldiers who served in the Eleventh Regiment under Captain Zebediah Ingals' Company. 


***The following information was found in New York in the Revolution as Colony and State - These records were discovered, arranged and classified in 1895, 1896, 1897, and 1898 by James A. Roberts, Comptroller - Second Edition, Albany, New York page 188:  Connecticut Militia - Elevent Regiment Connecticut Militia, Captain Zebediah Ingals,  Names - Zebadiah Plank.


***The following information was found in The Record of Connecticut Men in the Military and Naval Service during the War of the Revolution 1775-1983.  Edited by Henry P. Johnston, A.M. under Authority of The Adjutant-General of Connecticut page 506:  Zebadiah Plank is found under Captain Isaac Stone's Company with commencement of pay August to November 9, 1777. 


***MAYFLOWER FAMILIES THROUGH FIVE GENERATIONS - Volume Ten - Family of Samuel Fuller published by General Society of Mayflower Descendants, page 48:
On February 4, 1793 ZEBEDIAH, Elisha, Hannah and Elizabeth Plank, all of Pomfret, heirs of William Plank sold their father's land in Pomfret to John Sharpe.  On the same day widow Bathsheba Plank sold John Sharpe a life lease on the same  property


***The Old Fulling Mill of Pomfret, Connecticut, Published and distributed by the author Olive Pike Wetherbee, Pomfret Center, Connecticut; pages 109 & 111 -  About Zebediah Plank reads the following: 
Lumber was of prime importance and persons furnishing The Old Fulling Mill with boards, chestnut planks, clapboards, etc. before the turn of the century were: Elisha and Robert Sharp, Bushnell Hibbard, Samuel Griggs, Zachariah Osgood, Silas Corbin, Asa Mors and Jacob Lenard, Persons known to have had sawmills later were Rubin Sharp, Harvey Goodell, Squire Sessions, James Eliot, Benjamin Fay, Peter Cunningham and Israel Osgood. SHINGLE MILL OWNERS were:  ZEBEDIAH PLANK, and Jacob Lenard, both early, Amaziah Raymond by 1804. 
It seems odd that Coal was so commonly used since wood was abundant everywhere but it was sometimes mentioned as being obtained "at the pit" and early dealers were:  ZEBEDIAH PLANK and Solomon Eldidge, Thomas Grow in 1794.  


***DOCUMENTED IN THE DAR BOOKS OF ONEIDA COUNTY, NEW YORK, VOLUME 3 PAGE 32 --  ZEBEDIAH PLANK signed an agreement of the Paris Religious Society of Whitestone on June 14th, 1792, proving Zebediah and his family had moved from Pomfret, Connecticut to Paris, New York before his father, William, died in July 1972.    


***The first term of the Oneida Common Pleas and General Sessions of the Peace, was held at the School House near Fort Stanwix, New York, on the third Tuesday in May, 1798.  The following persons were summoned as petit jurors, vix.: ZEBEDIAH PLANK, of Paris, plus at least an additional 39 other jurors.                                        

***The following was recorded at the Oneida County Courthouse, Utica, New York:  This Indenture made the fourth day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and one (September 4, 1801) between ZEBEDIAH PLANK OF THE TOWN OF PARIS COUNTY OF ONEIDA, STATE OF NEW YORK AND MARGARET HIS WIFE, of the first part and Henry McNeil of the Town and State afforesaid of the second part selling a part of land of Lot 60 in the seventh Grand Division of Coxborough for the sum of Two Hundred and Twenty Five Dollars to Zerah Brown and Medad Curtiss for a digging of a well in the southeast corner of said lot and conveying water by means of Agneducks to the house now owned by the said Zerah Brown and builded by the said Medad Curtis the water to be conveyed the most convenient and direct course to said house together with all and singular the here ditaments and appurtenances there unto belong or in any wise use.  Signed by ZEBADIAH AND MARGRET PLANK, witnessed:  JONAS HUBBARD AND SALLY CADE.                                                      

***History of Lewis County in the State of New York from the Beginning of its settlement to the present time of 1860 states in 1801, Joseph Newton, Benjamin Rice, Jesse Benjamin, Elijah Parks, ZEB PLANK and others were some of the first settlers in Lowville Township, Lewis County, New York. 

The land books of Mr. Low (Lowville named after him) show that the following persons took up farms in this town during the first four years of it settlement.  In 1798, James Bailey, Jehoida and Nathan Page, Hulbert and Cooley, Wm. Darrow, and Moses Coffeen.  In 1799, Adam F. and Jacob Snell, Benjamin Hillman, Jacob Eblie, James Craig, John Shell, Jeremy Rogers, John Bush, Daniel Porter, George Bradofe, Zadock Bush,, Asa Newton, James Parsons, Richard Livinston, Zeboim Carter, Noah Durrin, Evenezer Hill, Samuel Van Atta, James and Garret Boshart, William and Benjamin Ford, John Kitts, Hooper Boohall, Philes and Kitts, Fisk and Searl, and James Cadwell.  In 1800, Reuben Putney, Luther Washburn, Aaron Coles, David Cobb, Nathaniel Durham, Pardon Lanpher and Francis Murphy.  In 1801, Joseph Newton, Benjamin Rice, Jesse, Elijah Parks, Z. PLANK, E. Newton, David Rice, David Wil, Jabez Puffer, Samuel and John Bailey, Joseph Purinton, Nathan Rowlee, Hezekiah Wheeler, Levi, Joseph Malby, Eliphaz Searles, Calvin Merrill, A., Benjamin Davenport, Daniel  Porter, A. and A. Sigourney, Master Bosworth, Loomis J. Danks, Edward Shepherd, Zuriel Waterman, Amasa Hitchcock, Ozen Bush, Simeon Babcock, Thadeum Smith, Elijah Baldwin,Jonathan Hutshinson, Erastus Hoskins, Robert Hoskins, Robert Barnett, Jess Hitchcock.


***History of Lewis County, Lowville, New York:
Shows that ZEBEDIAH AND LOVELL PLANK were among the 1807 Census of Electors for the Town of Lowville, New York.



Ancestral Lineage to Zebediah Plank - Jackie Bucholz Rohde, Alice Rigg Bucholz, Florence Hammond Rigg, Lillie Plank Hammond, George Plank, Sylvester Plank, Lovell Plank, Zebediah Plank, Bathsheba Raymond Plank, Elizabeth Fuller Raymond, Samuel Fuller, Samuel Fuller, Samuel Fuller-Mayflower Pilgram.


Ancestral Lineage to Olive J. Holmes Plank - Jackie Bucholz Rohde, Alice Rigg Bucholz, Florence Hammond Rigg, Lillie Plank Hammond, George Plank, Sylvester Plank, Lovell Plank, Olive J. Holmes Plank, Nathaniel Holmes, Jehoshaphat Holmes, Nathaniel Holmes, George Holmes.


Ancestral Lineage to Olive J. Holmes Plank - Jackie Bucholz Rohde, Alice Rigg Bucholz, Florence Hammond Rigg, Lillie Plank Hammond, George Plank, Sylvester Plank, Lovell Plank, Olive J. Holmes Plank, Mary Jordan Holmes, Thomas Jordan.

Additional Sources:  Zebediah Plank birth record - The Barbour Collection of Connecticut- Town Vital Records, page 323 by Lorraine Cook White;  Zebediah Plank baptism record - First Congregational Church of Thompson, Connecticut, 1730-1930 by Marillyn Labe; Zebediah and Olive Holmes Plank marriage - The Barbour Collection of Connecticut Town Vital Records by Lorraine Cook White, page 188; Olive Holmes Plank, record of death - D.A.R. New York State, Oneida County Chapter Volumne 3 page 30.