Elizabeth Plank was born 8 January 1767.  She was a triplet to Elisha and Elijha.  She was christened on 17 April 1768.  Elizabeth married Joseph Foster.


Elizabeth and Joseph had the following children:

1.  stepchild - Sarah Foster was born in 1795.

2.  stepchild - Asahel Foster was born 2 November 1884 in Butler, New York.



FOUND ON PAGE 202 -- HISTORY OF WAYNE COUNTY, NEW YORK  --  WOLCOTT  In 1813, the following named persons had made beginnings in Wolcott and vicinity:  Lot Stewart, who kept a log tavern at Stewart's corners, Jacob Ward lived with John Delamater now resides, on lot 122, Butler, as did Silas Munsell at Thomas Walker's.  A man named Wolcott and Ranson Ward resided on the Blain farm; a Captain Goodrich at Judge Smith's;  JOSEPH FOSTER, father of ASAHEL FOSTER, of Wolcott village, lived at "Whisky Hill," and  JOSEPH with Roswell Fox, built the first saw-mill at Post's lime-kiln.



Eliab Abbott was a settler of 1808.  On September 30 of that year he contracted for fifty-nine and a half acres of lot 376.  Among other pioneers and prominent settlers in the old town of Wolcott were Lott Stewart, inn-keeper at Stewart's Corners, Jarvis and Gardner Mudge; Ransom War, JOSEPH FOSTER, father of ASAHEL, Jedediah Wilson, on lot 66; Linus Hibbard, a blacksmith; Jonathan Runyon, a Revolutionary soldier, who drew a bounty of 600 acres; Levi Smith; Samuel J. Otis, on lot 352, an old Mason; Stephen D. Foowler, son of John P.; Ephraim P. Bigelow; Isaac Otis, on lot 267; Daniel Dutcher, on lot 75; Bejamin Brown, on lot 320, who died in June, 1871; John Mack, father of Harrison, on lot 31; Luke Brkerhoff, on lot 62; John Ford, a soldier of the war of 1812; Daniel Patterson, also a veteran of 1812, and the father of John; William Sax, Roger Olmsted, George I. and Garrett Van Fleet, James M. Hall, Rev. Ira H. Hogan, William W. Phillips, father of John M.; and Robert McArthur, another soldier in the war of 1812, and the father of John.