Margie as a little girl

Margie Margaret Bucholz (Carl Friedrich Theodore Johann Bucholz, (Martin) Johann Wilhelm Buchholz, Martin Jochim Heinrich Buchholtz, Franz Christian Buchholtz) was born 1 April 1920 in Marion Township, Saginaw County, Michigan.  She died 19 April 2006 in Saginaw County, Michigan and was buried in Lakefield Township,  Merrill, Saginaw County, Michigan. 

Margie as a young lady.

Margie married Herman Lorenz Julius Meyer Jr. on 3 December 1938.  Herman was born 17 July 1916.  He died 8 November 1967 and was buried in Lakefield Township Cemetery, Merrill, Michigan.


The family photo is of left to right: Herman, Shirley, Kay and Margie Meyer

Margie and Herman had the following children:

1.  Kay Elaine Meyer

2.  Shirley Jean Meyer


 "MY MOM, MARGIE'' by Kay Meyer Mosher

What she loved most in life was her family her friends and a good, fun time.
Several times she told me, "When we (the Bucholz kids) were young at home and there was trouble, it was usually me (Margie) that started it."

She almost seemed proud of being a "little shyster".  Mom always loved to sing wherever she might be.  She bought song books in order to sing along with the radio.  At many, many "hootenannies" with her friends, she'd really enjoy "belting it out" while strumming on her guitar.

My mom really loved to dance whenever she had the chance.  How well I remember her "kicking up her heels while having a fun time at weddings, etc.  She loved parties and found a lot of reasons to host them.  Mom loved doing the menus, the cooking, the decorating, etc.

Birthdays for me & Shirley were always made special by Mom.  Every year we had (just the 4 of us) a homemade cake with store bought decorations but no ice cream - one or two gifts from Mom and Dad - nothing elaborate, just simple which is what ordinary people did in the 40's & 50's.  Holidays were real favorites of Mom's.  We always went to Grandma Bucholz's for dinner, aunts and uncles, and cousins to play with - usually outdoors.  After Grandma died in 1953 there were no more family get-togethers except for weddings and funerals. However, in 1970 Mom decided to host the 1st Annual Bucholz Reunion at her place on Ederer Road in Merrill, Michigan.

Easter Sunday - We never colored our own eggs.  We would simply get up early and find them hidden all around our living room.  The "Easter Bunny" did the coloring beforehand in those days.  Our baskets had jelly beans and chocolate bunnies but no toys.  For the rest of her life (even after Shirley and I were grown), Mom still enjoyed coloring eggs & having Easter baskets for her five grandchildren followed by her 9 great-grandchildren.

After Easter service at church, Mom always prepared a beautiful table complete with a gorgeous ham "all decked out" with glaze and whole cloves.

Mom always made sure that Shirley and I had new dresses that she had sewn, new Easter Bonnets, new shoes, and new spring coats.  She loved us so much and took such pride in us.

Thanksgiving was another chance for Mom to set a beautiful table.  She was especially proud of her "beautiful" golden turkey baking in the oven stuffed with her own homemade dressing.  We all looked forward to the red apple rings that were always on her holiday tables.

Mom really loved Christmastime.  She loved to pick out the biggest, fattest live tree that would fit in our small living room.  While we three decorated it, Mom would always remind us that the little dark blue ornament with white sparkly stars on it was the first ornament that she and Dad put on their first tree in 1938.  Mom loved to hang "icicles" on the tree until we could barely see the ornaments.  She always made sure that the three of us would make and bake cut out cookies which we loved to sprinkle with colored sugars.  Mom never forgot to bake date bars each year which I hated but really loved as I grew up.  Again, new dresses for me and Shirley that Mom had made for us to wear at the Childrens' Program on Christmas Eve.  Most of the time they were matching but in contrasting colors.  Mom loved to sew for us with satin, taffeta, velvet lace, and organdy.  We always had new shoes for the holidays, too.  Even on a limited budget, she made sure that my sister and I received many gifts from Santa.  Mom always enjoyed wrapping gifts with shiny paper as we grew older, beautiful bows, and packaged trims on the bows.  We never received gifts from her without ribbons and bows.

During WWII, Mom took a job at the Gun Plant in Saginaw, Michigan putting out parts for the war until she had a severe injury to her little finger.  She then became a stay-at-home mom, gave me a little sister and we moved from Saginaw to Merrill when Shirley was two.  Ten years later, Mom took a job at the local newspaper.  Three years later, she worked at Mayan's Insurance Agency for 22 years until her retirement in 1982.

the family photo is left to right Margie, Shirley, Herman and Kay Meyer.

Margie and Herman with their daughters, Kay and Shirley

Margie also married (2) Ewald Arthur Wudel on 14 October 1972.  Ewald was born 29 June 1921 in Clathberg, Germany.  He died 21 October 1994 in Jonesfield Township, Saginaw County, Michigan and was buried in Lakefield Township Cemetery, Lakefield Township, Saginaw County, Michigan.

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