Alice Catherine Rigg (Hiram, Robert, George, Clement, Robert) was born 9 June 1876 in Mason, Ingham County, Michigan.  She died 2 May 1955 in Athens, Calhoune County, Michigan and was buried in Reese Cemetery, Battle Creek, Calhoun County, Michigan.

Alice married Frank Lockwood Seage, son of Henry S. Seage and Carrie Lockwood, on 20 November 1895 in Lansing by the Reverend Fayette L. Thomopson at the home of the Robinson's.   Frank was born 16 January 1869 in Detroit, Michigan.  He died 14 January 1951 in Battle Creek, Calhoun County, Michigan and was buried in Reese Cemetery, Battle Creek, Calhoun County, Michigan.


Frank and Alice had the following children:

George James Seage was born 7 September 1896 and died 8 February 1978.

Robert Jordon Seage was born 8 March 1898 and died in 1949.

Clara Gertrude Seage was born 15 April 1899 and died 6 April 1971.

Mary Bell Seage was born 21 July 1902 and died 28 March 1994.

Jerry Seage was born 28 January 1907 and died 16 September 1975.

Unknown Seage.


At the time of Hiram's death, his daughter, Alice was 14 years old.  She was sent to East Lansing to work for a Robinson family and while attending a Methodist Church Youth meeting met a young man named Frank Seage, they were married a short time later. Their witnesses to their marriage were Samuel A. Robinson and Henry Seage.  Also, at the time of their marriage Frank was in the stone business, he was 26 years old and Alice was 19 years old.

Frank and Alice were 45-year members of the Upton Avenue Methodist Church and were able to celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary together.


Frank was born in Detroit, but moved shortly after he was born with his parents to Alpena, Michigan. He lived his entire young life in the area before moving to Lansing with the family around 1889.  Later on in his marriage, he and his wife, Alice,  moved to Battle Creek, Michigan.  Frank passed away at the address of 21 Frederick Street, Battle Creek, Michigan.



The Alice Rigg Seage family information and photo's from John DeVinney.