The photo is Byron Rigg as a child.



Byron Sidney Rigg was born 12 August 1905 in Lakefield Township, Saginaw County, Michigan.  He died 12 March 1986 in Gratiot Community Hospital, Alma, Michigan and was buried 15 March 1986 in Ridgelawn Cemetery in Breckenridge, Gratiot County, Michigan.

The photo is Byron and Florence Hammond Rigg

Byron married (1) Florence Louise Hammond, daughter of Willie Albert Hammond and Lillie Margaret Plank, on 16 August 1924 in Mt. Hope Avenue M.E. Church, Lansing, Michigan by F.E. George, Pastor.  Florence was born 22 July 1904 in Brant, Saginaw County, Michigan.  She died 22 April 1992 in Hemlock, Michigan and was buried 25 April 1992 in Brant Cemetery, Brant, Saginaw County, Michigan.


Byron and Florence had the following children:


1.  Donald Stewart Rigg was born 14 May 1925 and died 6 June 2000.  He was married to Bernie Streichart on January 30, 1953.


2.  Marion Louise Rigg was born 15 March 1927 and died 11 June 1997.  She was married to Howard Shively on October 9, 1965.


3.  Alice Joan Rigg was born 28 November 1928 and died 21 October 1994. She was married to John W. Bucholz on June 5, 1948.  Alice and John had the following children:

     a.  Yvonne Louise  Bucholz

     b.  Jacqueline Sue Bucholz




4.  Donna Eileen Rigg was born 16 August 1930 and died 17 May 2012.  She was married to Robert Nohel on October 15, 1949.  Donna and Bob had the following children:

     a.  Diana Lynn Nohel

     b.  Jeanne Roberta Nohel

     c.  Robert Francis Nohel

     d.  Thomas Gary Nohel

     e.  Helen Sue Nohel

     f.   Ricky Lee Nohel

     g.  Jay Dennis Nohel

     h.  Harry Joseph Nohel

     I.  Donald Wayne Nohel


5.  Wilma Fay Rigg was born 6 April 1934 and died 27 April 2012.  She married Frederick Eurick in 1952.  Wilma and Fred had the following children:

     a.  Ronald David Eurich

     b.  David Lee Eurich

     c.  Danny Allen Eurich

     d.  twin - Gregory Lynn Eurich

     e.  twin - Debra Fay Eurich

     f.   Gerald Kenneth Eurich

     g.  Chris Gene Eurich

     h.  Frederick Daniel Eurich

     i.   Wilma Fay Eurich

     j.   William Joseph Eurich


6.  Marjorie "Margie"  Eleanor Rigg married Ervin Neuenfeldt.  Margie and Erv had the following children:

     a.  Amy Lorraine Neuenfeldt

     b.  Andrew Arnold Neuenfeldt

     c.  Linda Marion Neuenfeldt

     d.  Tracy Louise Neuenfeldt

     e.  Margery Ann Neuenfeldt


7.  Gary Dean Rigg had the following son:  a.  Christopher Dean Rigg.  Gary  married  Wendy Macklem Rigg on 25 June 1999 in Tennessee. 




The photo is of Byron and Florence's three older children:  left to right - Don, Alice and Marion Rigg.  Photo taken in 1930.

The photo is of Byron Rigg with his family.  front row - left to right: Donna Rigg, Marion Rigg, Alice Rigg, and Wilma Rigg; back row - left to right: Don Rigg, Byron Rigg and Florence Hammond Rigg.


Byron Rigg was a farmer of 80 acres in Lakefield Township on Swan Creek Road, Merrill, Saginaw County, Michigan, and owned other properties that he built homes on and sold.  He also helped friends and family members build their homes.  For many years he owned a deer hunting cottage in Meredith, Michigan and winter homes in Florida.  He had also been an employee of Dow Corning Corporation in Midland, Michigan.  Byron grew many fruits and vegetables besides the normal farmfare and was a very self-reliant man.  He was nicknamed Tuffy by his grandchildren, whom he enjoyed very much.  Byron was a lifelong resident of Lakefield Township, Saginaw County, Michigan.  He was a member of the Congregational Christian Church in Merrill, Michigan.  Byron was also a member of the Merrill Lodge No. 411 F&AM, the Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem and a past patron of the Merrill Chapter No. 295 of the Order of the Eastern Star.




Byron and Florence Rigg's daughters:  left to right - Marion, Alice, Donna, Wilma and Marjorie Rigg.  Photo taken in the early 1940's.

Byron and Florence Rigg's daughters: left to right - Wilma Rigg Eurich, Alice Rigg Bucholz, Marjorie Rigg Neuenfeldt, Marion Rigg Shively, and Donna Rigg Nohel.  Photo taken in the mid 1950's.

The photo is of Byron and Marie Gorman Rigg




Byron also married (2) Marie E. Gorman on 20 June 1964 in Merrill, Michigan.  Marie was born 18 August 1907.


Byron also married (3) Arlene M. Micho.  She was born 14 July 1922 and died 31 August 1979 in Saginaw County, Michigan and was buried in Ridgelawn Cemetery, Breckenridge, Michigan.


Byron also married (4) Ruth Arlene Girven on 1 November 1981 in St. Louis, Gratiot County, Michigan.  Ruth was born 14 June 1917 in Jasper Township, Midland County, Michigan.




The photo is of Byron Sidney Rigg.

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