The photo is of Leslie Miller. 

The photo is of Leslie Miller (right) with his brother, Chancey Miller (left)

Leslie Earl Miller was born 30 May 1903 in Lakefield Township, Saginaw County, Michigan.  He died 10 June 1981 at St. Mary's Hospital, Saginaw, Michigan and was buried 13 June 1981 in Ford Cemetery, Elsie,  Michigan.

Leslie was named after his mother Ada Rigg Miller's,  father,  Leslie Rigg.

The photo is of Leslie Miller.





Leslie married Sarah Adeline McQuiston on 15 December 1921 in Saginaw County, Michigan.  Sarah was born 1 August 1903 in Chapin Township, Saginaw County, Michigan.  She died 8 December 1984 and was buried 12 December 1984 Ford Cemetery, Elsie, Michigan.


Leslie and Sarah had the following children:

1.   Edward Earl Miller was born 10 February 1923 and died 6 November 1995.

2.   Ralph Miller was born 7 July 1924 and died 28 September 1925.

3.   Alice Marie Miller was born 12 October 1926 and died 13 December 2007.

4.   Joe Alexander Miller

5.   Howard Eugene Miller was born 25 December 1931 and died 15 June 1984.

6.   Victor Nolan Miller was born 10 February 1934 and died 22 October 1993.

7.   Roderick Miller

8.   Cleo Ellen Miller

9.   Loren Miller

10. Sandra Joyce Miller






















The Leslie Miller family information and photo's by Alice Nobbs, Joe Miller, Sandra Kaufmann, Janet Miller, Myrtle Miller and researched by Jackie Rohde.