The document is from Meredith Rigg Military Records from the Military National Archives

Meredith was born 1842 in Perry Township, Carroll County, Ohio.  He died 5 July 1862 in Jackson, Tennessee and was buried in Corinth Military Cemetery.


Meredith Rigg enlisted in the United States Army as a Private on 5 Feb 1862.  On Company G's Description Book, it states Meredith  was 5 feet 9 inches tall, with a light complexion, Blue eyes, and light hair.  Meredith mustered in Company G, 12th Infantry Regiment Michigan on 15 March 1862 and died July 5, 1862 in Jackson, Tennessee.  He is buried in the National Cemetery at Corinth, Mississippi.  Meredith Rigg's original place of interment was Jackson, Tennessee.



information from the Military National Archives, State of Michigan Library Archives, History of Robert Rigg and Family from 1800, researched by Jacqueline Rohde