Effa Jane Rigg (Leslie, Robert, George, Clement, Robert) was born 10 April 1863 in Spring Arbor Township, Jackson County, Michigan.  she died 6 January 1946 in Owosso, Shiawassee County, Michigan.








The tintype photo is of Effa Jane Rigg.

The photo is of the David and Effa Jane Parker Family.  left to right - Effa Jane Rigg Parker, Owen Parker, Oren Parker,  Lenna Parker, and David Parker.


The photo is of their log cabin home in Rathbone, Lafayette Township, Gratiot County, Michigan.

Effa Jane (Rigg) Parker was a wife and a homemaker.  Effa and her husband, David Parker, were farmers in Rathbone, Lafayette Township, near Breckenridge, Michigan.  Effa loved to crochett, tat and embroider, all of her dollies, sheets, pillowcases and linens were made by all three of these needlework procedures. Effa and David raised their grandson, Leslie Delois Parker after their son, Owen Parker, died of heart failure at the age of 28 years old.  In Effa and David's later years, they moved to their daughters home, Lenna (Parker) Pratt, when their health declined.  They spent a few happy years with their daughter and son-in-law.  Effa J. Rigg - Parker died January 6, 1946, she was 82 yrs., 8 months and 26 days old.

Information written and photo's by granddaughter, Effa Jane (Gokee) Amidon

Effa Jane married David H. Parker on 23 December 1880 in St. Louis, Michigan.  David was born 16 January 1862.  He died 11 January 1939 in Owosso, Shiawassee County, Michigan.


Effa Jane and David Parker had the following children:


1.  Oren Parker was born 3 November and died 14 November 1926.

2.  Lenna Clematis Parker was born 15 October 1883 and died 26 October 1955.

3.  Owen Leslie Parker was born 15 may 1886 and died 8 August 1914.

The photo is four generations:  Abbie Shaw Rigg - Great Grandmother, Effa Jane Rigg Parker - Grandmother, Lenna Parker Symonds - Mother, and Irene Symonds - daughter.













The Effa Jane Rigg Parker information and photo's from Effa Jane Gokee Amidon, the History of Robert Rigg and Family from 1800 and researched by Jackie Rohde.

The people in the photo are from left to right - front row: Leslie Ackley, Freada Ackley, Irene Symonds, Eliza Ackley; left to right - back row:  ? lady, Cecil Parker, Scottie Parks, Lenna Parker, Guy Ackley, Effa Rigg Parker,  Orin Parker, ? man, and Fred Ackley.

The photo is Effa Jane Rigg and David Parker later on in life.