Leslie Rigg (Robert, George, Clement, Robert Rigg) was born 13 April 1835 Perry Township, Carrol County, Ohio.  He died 24 September 1895 in Emerson Township, Gratiot County, Michigan and was buried in Ridgelawn Cemetery, Breckenridge, Michigan,  Gratiot County, Michigan.


Leslie married Sarah Ann Shaw "Abbie", daughter of Isaac Shaw and Susanna Reason Shaw on 5 September 1858 in Spring Arbor, Jackson County, Michigan by Samuel Buckman, Justice of the Peace.  Abbie was born 29 July 1843 in Stockbridge Township, Ingham County, Michigan.  She died 4 August 1924 and was buried in Ridgelaw Cemetery, Breckenridge, Michigan, Gratiot County, Michigan.


Leslie and Abbie had the following children:

Ephriam Rigg was born 3 August and died 12 September 1859.

Adah Rigg was born 23 July 1861 and died 11 July 1923.

Effa Jane Rigg was born 10 April 1863 and died 6 January 1946.

George Washington Rigg was born 27 August 1865 and died 22 April 1941.

Alice Rigg was born 30 October 1867 and died 9 March 1868.

Herbert Rigg was born 20 December 1869 and died 22 December 1934.

Anna Rigg was born 7 February 1872 and died 20 January 1937.

Lafayette Demarcus Rigg was born 4 December 1875 and died 1 February 1943.

Jacob "Jake" Rigg was born 23 December 1880 and died 18 April 1958.


Leslie Rigg was a young man when moving to Alaiedon Township, Ingham County, Michigan with his father, mother and siblings in 1855.  Leslie was born in Harrison County, Ohio changing to Carroll County, Ohio later on.  Leslie and his family moved to Lykens Township, Crawford County, Ohio sometime after 1848.   He lived in the Alaiedon Township area most of his life but moved to Gratiot County in 1880. Leslie married Sarah Ann Abbie (Shaw) Rigg on September 5, 1858 in Stockbridge, Michigan.

***According to a Land Plat Map of 1859, Leslie Rigg owned property in Section 13 of Alaiedon Township in Ingham County, Michigan on Every Road. Leslie owned 40 acres, adjoining his property to the south was 40 acres owned by Austin Rigg, and adjoining Austins property to the south was 80 acres owned by Robert Rigg.  A description of what  land landowners dealt with about their land was written on the back page of the 1860's U.S. Census Mortality Schedule of Wheatfield Township, Ingham County, Michigan.  The following were the remarks:  Water limey soil - clay and sandy loam - bolders, timber - maples, beech, basswood, whitewood, elm, ash, some oak and hickory - Season - very cold, June and July frost - another in August - crops almost destroyed - including grass - crops this season very abundant

***Leslie Rigg registered to vote in Alaiedon Township,Ingham County, Michigan on April 4, 1859, he registered as a Republican.

***Leslie and Abbie moved to Jackson County, Michigan sometime after their son, Ephraim died in August of 1859.    Ada Rigg was born in August of 1861 in Spring Arbor Township, as was Effa and George later on.   Leslie moved his family back to Alaiedon Township in Ingham County, Michigan when he purchased another 40 acres of land in Section 14 on May 2, 1866 (directly across the road from his previous farm) from Charles H. Sackrider for $450.00.  During this time  Leslie's father, Robert Rigg must have died because his property went up for public auction sale on April 3, 1866.  In December 1865 an Ingham County Probate Judge ordered the sale of the property for the use of his minor children, Hiram and Martha Rigg.  Leslie's oldest brother, Austin bought the property.  Leslie sold his property in Section 14 to Allen Richards on September 11, 1873 for $1,225.00.   Leslie bought another 40 acres in Section 23 on Holt Road from Adrian Watkins on September 12, 1873 for $1,250.00; this property was directly to the east of Austin's.  On June 8, 1880 he sold the property in Section 23 to William Brenner.   Leslie and Abigail's children, Herbert, Anna, and Lafayette Rigg, were born in Alaiedon Township during this time frame. 

***The Book "Pioneer History of Ingham County Volume I" compiled and arranged by Mrs. Franc L. Adams, Secretary of the Ingham County Pioneer and Historical Society, states the followingDistrict No. 6, Alaiedon, written and read by Mrs. Fred Brenner - As the East became more thickly populated they turned their faces Westward, many finding a haven in our own Michigan.  Among the early settlers were the Riggs families, Leslie and Austin living close to the school in Alaiedon School District #6 called the German School.***

The tintype photo is of Leslie Rigg

The Leslie Rigg Family Photo was taken in the middle of the 1880's.  They are sitting: left to right - Leslie Rigg, Jake Rigg, Ada Rigg, and Abbie Rigg; standing: left to right - Lafayette Rigg, Effa Rigg, Anna Rigg and George Rigg.  missing from photo: Herbert Rigg.


***Leslie Rigg, having sold his 40 acres in Alaiedon Township, Ingham County, Michigan and purchased 80 acres in Gratiot County on Wisner Road, between Tyler and Harrison Roads, in Emerson Township, Michigan.  According to a warranty deed dated June 21, 1880, Leslie purchased 80 acres on the South half of the North East quarter of Section Thirteen in Town Eleven North of Range two West for $1,800.00 from Amos D. and Ann O. Olds.   In 1880, Leslie and Abbie's last child, Jake was born.  Two of Leslie's farms were each in Section 13 of their counties and both of these Section 13 properties were five miles from their respective county seat.


***NEWSPAPER ARTICLE DATED AUGUST 18, 1955 in the Gratiot County Herald Newspaper** EARLY HETZMAN SCHOOL HISTORY IS RECALLED BY AMOS HETZMAN --  "The records of school district No. 8, Emerson Township, Gratiot County, from 1882 are written in a beautiful hand.  Also, Amos Hetzman, who was 88 years old was interviewed and apparently he was the only living person who was enrolled in school when the school was first organized.  The newspaper article states " The school inspectors of Emerson formed a school district including section 13, 23, 24, and 14, except the N. 1/2 of the N.W. 1/4 of Section 13.  The first meeting was held at the home of Louis Hetzman on March 17. 1882.  A report of the qualified voters was given and Louis Netzman was elected moderator:  John L. Smith director; James H. Bailey, assessor.  March 27, 1882, a special meeting was called.  They decided to "Fix a house and surroundings belonging to L. Hetzman, suitable for school purposes.:  They assessed a tax of $100 to defray expenses.  They decided to have two months fall and two months spring term of school.  The board was instructed to purchase a "long acre, 10 rd. by 16 rd., for a permanent school site."  The Hetzman house was log and located on the S.W. 1/4 of S.W. 1/4 of Section 13.  Levi Chriswell "put the house in shape" for $45.00. LESLIE RIGGS cleaned the grounds for $4.25."
HOME MADE BENCHES - They adopted harpers series of books; purchased a stove for $30 and some hardwood for 75 cents a cord.  With homemade desks and benches, they were now ready for school.  The following pupils enrolled in the spring of 1882:  William Cobb, Amos Hetzman, John Hetzman, William Hetzman, Fred Bailey, Hattie Bailey, Grace Peet, Rose Peet, a boy Peet, ANNA RIGGS AND LAFAYETTE RIGGS."


ALSO, IN THE NEWS ARTICLE it stated:  "At the annual meeting in September, 1985, they hired Almeda Curtis to teach two terms at $18 and $19 per month.  At this meeting they voted to build a frame house 28 x 38 feet (the present house) also voted to raise $200 for this purpose.  Anson Eldred, Henry Cobb, LESLIE RIGGS, WERE TO SERVE ON THIS BUILDING COMMITTEE without pay".


***ANOTHER NEWS ARTICLE ON THE HETZMAN SCHOOLS STATES:  "The inside of the Hetzman house was painted with lime and sand mortar with the outside done in mud.  The job was done by LESLIE RIGGS in 1883, for $6.  A well was dug also." "In September 1885, the district voted to build a frame school house 28 x 34 ft., and to raise $200 for those purposes.  The building committee included Anson Eldred, Henry Cobb and LESLIE RIGGS.  Every stick of timber, etc., was voted by a single motion.  As three piers under sills, oak joists 2 x 8, sill 8 x 8, pine sheeting, maple flooring, 1 and 1/2 x 2 inch layered on edge.  Red oak wanes coating, pine or hemlock studding, basswood siding, eight windows with eight lights, 12 x 16."

The Family Photo is of the following - front row: left to right - Glenn Rigg, Lafayette Rigg's son; Anna Rigg Ackley; Abbie Shaw Rigg; Effa Jane Rigg Parker holding her grandson, Harold Parker;  back row: left to right - Leslie Ackley, Anna Rigg Ackley's son; Eliza Storms Ackley, Ada Rigg Miller's oldest daughter; George Rigg, Jake Rigg, Lafayette Rigg, and Alice Rigg, Herbert Rigg's wife.


Photo was taken around 1910.

This is a photo of the 1918 Rigg Reunion: sitting, front row: left to right - Jake Riggs, Ed Miller, Lester Harris, Arnold Harris, Chancy Miller, Leslie Miller, Leslie Parker, Byron Rigg, Irene Symonds, Elizabeth Ackley, Reva Rigg, Mary Rigg, little boy with hat ?, Cecil Parker, Harold Parker and Oren Parker.


kneeling, second row: left to right - Hattie Rigg, Lewe Ackley, Della Miller, Ida Riggs, Rob Riggs, Carrie Riggs, Ada Rigg, Ruth Riggs, Nine (Fern) Rigg Arman with daughter Beatrice Arman, Inez Rigg, Freada Ackley, Mable Rigg Myers, Neva Riggs and Clara Rigg.


standing third and fourth row: left to right - Amelia Rigg, John Briggs holding Catherine, Lydia Rigg Briggs, Rudy Miller, man ?, Ray Rigg, Abbie Shaw Rigg/Riggs, George Rigg, Ada Rigg Miller, Charles Riggs, Owen Parker, Effa Rigg Parker, Leslie Ackley, George Riggs, Alice Riggs, Fred Ackley, Lena Parker, Ted Snyder ?, Dave Thompson ?, George Myers or Claire Riggs, Dave Parker, Max Arman, Herbert Riggs, and Lafayette Rigg.


The reunion photo was identified by Lila Rigg Butler, Jane Gokee Amidon, Annagale Ackley Vanloon, Valara Rigg and Jackie Rohde.

The photo is of the Rigg Reunion - photo taken between 1918 and 1920 - rightside: Lenna Parker, Ada Rigg, Inez Rigg, Hattie Rigg and Scottie Parks; leftside:  Glen Ackley, Lew Ackley, Inez Rigg, Effa Rigg Parker.

The photo is of a Rigg Reunion - photo taken between 1918 and 1920 - rightside: Irene Symonds, one of the Miller sons, another Miller son,  and Leslie Ackley.  leftside: Effa Rigg Parker, Leslie Parker, ?, Anna Rigg Ackley, ? and in background, Lafe Rigg, man standing ?






The photo was taken at a Rigg Reunion: photo taken between 1918 and 1920. 

Left to right - standing:  Freada Ackley, Glenn Ackley, Lenna Parker, Sadie (Rigg) Thompson and Guy Ackley.  kneeling - Leslie Parker.

The Rigg Family photo is from left to right - standing:  Effa Jane Rigg Parker, Abbie Rigg/Riggs, Ada Rigg, Anna Rigg Ackley and Lafayette Rigg; standing: Fred Ackley, ? man, Eliza Ackley, Glenn Rigg and George Rigg.

The photo is of left to right - Herbert Rigg, Lafayette Rigg, Jake Riggs and George Rigg.

The photo is of sitting: Abbie Shaw Rigg/Riggs; standing: left to right - Jake Riggs, George Rigg, Effa Rigg Parker, Rob Riggs, Ada Rigg Miller, Charles Riggs, Anna Rigg Ackley and Lafayette Rigg.




The photo is of Leslie and Abbie (Shaw) Rigg's grandson and great-grandsons.  left to right - Robert Rigg (Lafayette Rigg's son); Lewis Ackley (Anna Rigg Ackley's grandson); Francis Johnson (Ada Rigg Miller's grandson).  Photo taken around 1920/1921.

The photo was taken in 1923 and is of the Rigg/Riggs family grandchildren:  front row - left to right:  Helen and Lyle Riggs - Rob Riggs grandchildren; second row - left to right: Pauline Riggs - Jake Riggs daughter, Catherine Briggs ? - George Rigg's granddaughter, Elmer Arman - George Rigg's grandson, Margaret Riggs - Rob Riggs granddaughter, Dorothy Riggs - Charles E. Riggs granddaughter; girl in the backrow - Beatrice Arman - George Rigg's granddaughter.

The photo is of - left to right - Effa Rigg Parker, Abbie Shaw Rigg/Riggs, Anna Rigg Ackley.  An Ackley boy in the background.

The photo is of - sitting - Abbie Shaw Rigg/Riggs; left to right - Herbert Rigg, Lafayette Rigg, Jake Riggs and George W. Rigg.

This is a Robert Rigg Reunion photo.  The photo was taken at the Rob Riggs home on Holt Road in Alaiedon Township, Mason, Michigan.


The children left to right - front row:  Bob Rigg - Lafe Rigg's son, Pauline Riggs - Jake Riggs daughter, Lyle Riggs - Rob Riggs grandson, Phyllis Allard - Lafe Rigg's granddaughter, Annagale Ackley - Anna Rigg Ackley's granddaughter, Helen Riggs - Rob Riggs granddaughter, and Kenneth Myers - George Rigg's grandson;  2nd row right of chair - Lewis Ackley - Anna Rigg Ackley's grandson, Lois Joley - George Rigg's granddaughter, and Lowell Myers - George Rigg's grandson; back row - left to right:  George Peirson- George Rigg's grandson,  Dorothy Riggs - Charles E. Riggs granddaughter, Beatrice Arman - George Rigg's granddaughter, Catherine Briggs ? - George Rigg's granddaughter, and Elmer Arman - George Rigg's grandson..





The photo is of - left to right - George Rigg, Herbert Rigg, Lafayette Rigg, Jake Riggs.

The  photo is, front row - left to right - Mary Rigg, Ida Riggs, Cora Riggs; back row - left to right - George Rigg, Rob Riggs, Hattie Rigg, Lafayette Rigg, Kitty Riggs, Jake Riggs.

The photo is - left to right - Rob Riggs, Lafayette Rigg, Effa Rigg Parker, Jake Riggs, Mary Rigg and George Rigg.

The Reunion photo was taken in the early 1950's. back row: Kitty and Jake Riggs, front row: left to right - Eliza Ackley (left) and Hattie Rigg (right) Lafe Rigg's wife.