Sarah Ellen Rigg "Sadie" was born 10 December 1888 in Lafayette Township, Gratiot County, Michigan.  she died 17 January 1966 in Standish, Michigan and was buried 20 January 1966 in Lakefield Cemetery, Lakefield Township, Saginaw County, Michigan.

The photo is of Sadie Rigg.

 The photo is of Sadie with her son, George L. Peirson.



Sadie married Roy Peirson in June 1912 and divorced 8 January 1915.


Sadie and Roy had the following children:


1.  George L. Pierson was born 13 April 1914 in Toronto, Canada.  He died 23 April 1963.

The photo is of George L. Peirson when he was a little boy.

The photo is of Sarah Ellen "Sadie" Rigg.


Sadie married David C. Thompson on 29 July 1929.



The photo is from left to right - ? lady, George Peirson, Sadie and David Thompson.

SOURCES:  Valaria Rigg, Lila Rigg Butler and Jackie Bucholz Rohde.